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We are B12! We combine a Global Network ok Engineers.

About Us

We are a bank of strategy applied to building, we focus on a systematic combination of four elementary factors of competitiveness:

Model of Smart Business

Innovative Products

Optimal Supply Chain

Total Control


Every new special project, requires more experience.


Today's challenge require coordinates responses. The new economics of building requires new intelligent solutions that bring economic efficiency of the construction costs and speed construction while preserving the factor most "important of a work its quality" lasting. Investors in the private sector want to create good projects with returns sustained.


Our customers to respond quickly to market opportunities and new challenges, must make the right decisions, they need to understand trends, to make their resources and properly assess the risks.


It is not enough, in fact, provide a proper analysis and set the right coordinates. We must be able to move everithing and everyone: numbers and people, but for us it is crucial also share general strategies with each employee or company involved in the project.


We help you achieve the best buildings in the world not only because they are more useful and efficient, but also attractive for people who live there. Our designers and managers share a common goal: to create buildings that work better for people.

Our Partners

We work with the best European companies with superior quality standards; their products allow us to satisfy all the demands from the cheapest to the most luxurious. Our role is to coordinate all suppliers, provide them with all the information to get to the end of the job.


Our teams are leaders in all disciplines and applied science building: engineering static, thermal, acoustic enclosure, plants, lighting, design, landscape architecture and so more. All to make our built environment more efficient, durable, comfortable and convenient and together, with architects and artists, we create spaces and experiences that inspire.


We have chosen the best partners, operating for decades in the design, planning and management, and with them, the manufacturers which in complete harmony with our philosophies and our standards provide their advanced technology on our buildings.


Our managers with our partners specialized in the economic analysis and experience in the specific area have understood this evolution in action and use this insight to provide the proper strategic planning and customized for each project.


We have achieved excellence in the conception and design of glass facades, high performance thermal, acoustic and mechanichal performance, and design; we also designed interior with advanced technology in the service of comfort and safety its refined design.


With the business of consulting we help to understand all this in advance, giving a complete picture that combines the most accurate economic strategy of the best experiences and practices of companies specialized craftsmen third generation.


Our company is interested to offer a full service of engineerings

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